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„We are the sum of our experiences – contemplating on art is one of those.“

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I was born 1969 in Bern, Switzerland. After economic high school in Biel-Bienne and arts college in Bern I studied communication design at the art center college of design Europe in la Tour-de-Peilz, finishing in 1994 with honors. 

Since 1995 I’m living in Salzburg, Austria. After working for two years in an advertising agency as art director and jr. creative director I decided to go freelance as graphic designer and artist. In 2004 I became a member of the association of visual artists Salzburg. From 2007 until 2010 I was within the association a committee member. My work was shown in numerous exhibitions throughout central Europe. In 2009 I was awarded with the tribute prize of Salzburg state. In the year 2011 I became a member of mensa international.

In late 2013 I withdrew from all memberships, from my work as graphic designer and from my artistic career to focus on illustration (under a pseudonym). I always thought, that I will get back to art somehow, someday … 

Well, it turned out to be a very extended hiatus … Four years later I realized, that this period of my life had come to an end and that coming back to publish work in my proper name again doesn’t make any sense. So I decided to proceed my artistic and illustrative career (I’m actually not interested in the boundary line between these two definitions) only under the pseudonym I’ve chosen four years a go. For future work therefore please refer to:

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Starting in my very early years with ceramics and silhouette-cutting, later on my main interests moved towards painting, mixing all kind of techniques and materials.

Stylistically my work is a combination between photorealism and non-formal abstraction, influenced by Asian art, Pop Art, religions, advertising and movies.

Main theme throughout my work is the human being with all its weakness, strength and spiritual potential. I usually focus on faces, often well known faces of actors and actresses – not because I’m primarily interested in stardom but I’m fascinated by facial expressions, emotions and the believe systems behind these reactions. My attention goes beyond the surface of the face, I’m looking for archetypal, spiritual dimensions. Doing so I transform Hollywood icons into religious icons – an acted emotion to an image of a generic behavior. The result is, like a classic icon, a symbol of a certain Weltanschauung, guiding the beholder on his way to self knowledge. 



My paintings are available exclusively at Saatchi Art and at my atelier. To see the entire portfolio, please refer to the gallery there.


You can also explore most of my art work on my account at:




Any Questions? Pleas don’t hesitate to contact me. (I’m speaking German, Englisch, French and Italian.)





Adrian Köhli
Faberstraße 20
5020 Salzburg


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